CASA - Children Worth Saving, Inc.



Kristin Hines
Executive Director
Crissa Salmans
Volunteer Coordinator
Doris Meng
Outreach Coordinator

Board of Directors

Cherie Schnelle
Sara Howard
Vice President
Mr. Aaron Kite
Program Attorney
Jeanette Seatvet
Peggy Stein
Linda Burke
Board Member
Paula Hunter
Board Member
Roger Musgrove
Board Member
Larry Weikal
Board Member

Gretchen Malone

Gretchen Malone began advocating for children as a CASA volunteer in October 2011 when her sister-in-law, also a CASA volunteer, suggested that she would be interested in being a court appointed special advocate. Since then she has enjoyed being with her CASA kids and spending time with them. When something good happens for them, she feels like she's been a part of making that happen. A value that Gretchen has tried to pass along to her children is that they should not let what they can not do stand in the way of what they can do. This idea resonates throughout Gretchen's life as she devotes time to her children, grandchildren, and CASA children. Loving, passionate, and caring are words that describe Gretchen!